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Services we made for you

We provide all in One-Platform for any business to create their own branded game to reward their player, loyalty program, brand awareness, subscription service and the use of adding games content to website, mobile app or any online portal.

Easy Plug-In

Our games can easily be embedded without the need of coding or downloads so you can let the player play the game directly from any web browser. For mobile apps, game integration can be done in a similar way to websites. It can be bundled with the app and distributed through app stores.

Games Plug-In to Website or App
Custom Games

Custom Games

Personalize and modify based on business brand to enhance audience immersion, making them feel connected to the product or services. The level of customization can vary significantly from one game to another, same mechanism with different assets and from basic to complex.

Play Anywhere – Real-Time Data

Creating a simple games contest, enjoyable and let your player play based on your own set-up tournament rules, it can be a high score, or random rewards. You can control your tournament mechanism and oversee the engagement from your dashboard in real-time data.

Contest & Loyalty Program Games
White Label Games Portal

More than 300 Games available

Pick any from our master library or pick as bundle licenses with numerous genres such as action, adventure, casual, education and many more. We strip ads and in-purchases and let the user play without distraction. Applicable for subscription services with a variety option payment method.

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Success Stories


MTN launched our Games Portal among their subscriber. The portal is fully customized based on its product theme and brand, which easily attracts the audience to understand the service offered.


Ooredoo launched our Games Portal, completed with all game categories available in our library. They achieve a successful daily subscription target with the lowest Cost Per Acquisition per campaign.


A digital marketing company based in Dubai launched our Mission Games with the trademark of the Save The Earth campaign. In return for participation, end-users get cash prizes to be top players.


The company integrated plug-in games into its Mobile App and launched a small contest among its members as a reward program and they used a campaign dashboard to oversee their participant engagement.

  • Leaderboard Management
  • Team Management
  • Player Management
  • Tournament Management
  • Brand & Campaign Management
  • White – Label Portal
  • Subscription Service
  • Plug-In Games
Portal Management tournament with the right tools


We dedicate ourselves to a better understanding of your brand and captivating it with your requirement.


Pick your game

Pick any games from our library that can be tailored to your brand.



Build a completely customizable look and feel for your game to create high interactive user engagement.



Game launches at the distribution channels and you can track all player’s data from a live portal dashboard.

We have worked with different industries and years of experience in Gaming background. Our team is ready to support you and share their expertise on game selection that suits any business. We ensure customer satisfaction by implementing an exciting and engaging games platform that will deliver significant results.


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